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Northand Cable Television Advertising

Allen Harkleroad

May 25, 2007

When most people think of Northland Cable TV, they think of television channels and pay-per-view movies, however there is more to Northland Cable than television programming. Northland Cable has one of the best return on investment (ROI) in local advertising. Any small business, even those with small budgets can get in front of a majority of television viewers in Statesboro. Over the course of the last two years I and my wife both have utilized Northland Cable TV advertising for our businesses and the results by far outperformed yellow pages ads, newspaper ads and even radio. Many small business owners aren't aware that most thirty second spots on many channels on Northland Cable are about $8.00 per spot. You just cannot beat the number of impressions you get with each spot. Most Americans including those in Statesboro watch television a good portion of the day and evenings. What better way to reach potential customers than through television? For a small monthly investment every business owner in Statesboro could reach thousands of customers every day.

Think back for a moment...
When was the last time you picked up the yellow pages to find a company or service? Can you remember the last newspaper ad you saw in the newspaper? Can you remember the last radio commercial you heard on the local radio station? Chances are you can't. Now think for a moment and see if you can remember the last TV commercial for a local business you saw on one of Northland Cable channels. I bet you can remember at least one, more than likely you remember the last two or three you saw.

Television advertising isn't just for the larger companies with large advertising budgets. Northland's advertising sales staff can help tailor a budget for you and even help you produce your advertising spots.

I conducted a quick interview with the Northland Cable advertising sales staff to find out a bit more about the products and services they offer. I hope you gain some insight and see that the best value in local advertising is on Northland Cable Television.

The Northland Advertising sales staff is comprised of two employees, Katie Bulmer - Senior Sales Executive and Tamara Richards - Account Executive.


Northland Cable TV Advertising Sales Staff

Tamara Richards
Account Executive
(912) 764-0509

Katie Bulmer
Senior Account Executive
(912) 764-0521

I spoke with Katie Bulmer the senior account executive at Northland Cable TV advertising and have posted the results of our interview below.

Hi Katie and thank you for talking with me.

    "Hi Allen and thank you for allowing me a moment to talk about Northland Cable advertising!"

How many employees are involved with Northland Cables advertising sales?

    "Three account executives and one Sales Manager in the Statesboro Area."

 How many years has Northland Cable been in business in Statesboro?

    "Twenty two years.  Northland Cable TV started in summer of 1985"

 What areas and what channels does Northland run advertising on?

"Northland offers cable advertising in Statesboro, Swainsboro, Vidalia, and Sandersville.  The local commercials air on national networks such as ESPN, Fox News, TBS, a total of 19 stations.  We also offer Community Channel Advertising as well as TV guide channel."

What makes your services and/or business unique from other similar businesses in and around the area?

"Northland Cable advertising is truly a cost effective way to advertise.  We hit an estimated 27,000 people with the number one used media. We are the only advertising media that offers sight, sound, color, motion, and emotion!"

What obstacles has your business overcome in Statesboro (logistics, sales, etc.)?

"We have grown tremendously in the almost 5 years I have been here. It took a while for local business owners to realize they can afford to advertise on television."

What customer objections or obstacles has your company experienced in Statesboro and how did you overcome them?

"I would have to say the quality and creativity were the largest obstacles. Local commercials have grown so much in quality and creativity over the years.  Northland has upgraded everything from the camera to shoot the scenes to the computer equipment to actually get the commercial on the network.  If the customer can dream it up...we can make it happen."

What do you see as the largest business hurdle your company will face in the next five to ten years?

"With more TV's becoming HD ready we will eventually have to move to HD commercials as well. We've come a long way since the days when the idea of choice meant three or four television stations.  Today, Statesboro enjoys popular cable television programming on averages of 61.4 hours per week.  A great way for any business owner to reach their audience."

Thank you Katie, I appreciate all the information you have given me today, it is a real pleasure to work with you on this interview as well as on the advertising we run on Northland Cable. I will have to say that Northland advertising has been the best and most affordable marketing opportunity that I have found in reaching Statesboro. It is hard to say more than it is by far the best way to reach customers in the area.

You can contact Katie and the other sales staff at Northland Cable Television via telephone or by visiting the Northland Cable TV offices on East Vine street.

Contact by Phone

Katie (912) 764-0521 or Tamara (912) 764-0509

Northland Cable Advertising
32 East Vine Street
Statesboro GA 30458



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