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  • Smoked Salmon Cheesecake - Holiday Recipe
    My daughter cooked us a wonderful salmon cheesecake for Thanksgiving. While it is baked in a spring form cake pan like a cheesecake, it has the consistency and body of a quiche. It is quite simply a wonderful holiday recipe and if you love smoke salmon, you are going to love this.

  • The Perfect No Mess Omelet for Friends and Family
    Crack your eggs and drop them into zip-lock freezer bags (put the number of eggs you want in each bag. Add what you want to each "omelet", you know what I mean: cheese, veggies, meat, seasonings, etc. Then boil each bag. Healthy and tasty!

  • Golf Tip - Straighter Shots with Pre-Address Golf Club Alignment
    My major problem was that I didn’t have my club head aligned perpendicular (right angles) to my shoulders. As most golfers know a ball goes where the shoulders are aimed during the swing. If the club head isn’t aligned with the shoulders it a big guess on where the ball will come to rest.

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  • Statesboro Georgia's Awesome Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Pie Recipe
    It's a bit difficult to express the wonderful taste combination of this ham and cheese puff pastry pie. It is definitely delicious and will be a recipe we make several times a year. The best part about the recipe is that it is easy to follow and make. Your family and friends will go ga-ga over this recipe for sure.

  • Lights, Camera and Action! you can't hide in these "bushes", New Poser & DAZ Studio 3d Models
    This week we have very small ground-cover bush plant model (about 10-12 inches tall), that looks great even if you scaled it up larger, as it has large detailed leaf and wood textures. We also have an extremely detailed professional movie camera model that is should mounted and is scaled to fit any Poser / DAZ 3D or other 3D figure. There will be more movie equipment related models coming shortly that we think you will enjoy using in your own scenes.

  • Georgia Debt Collector AFS Legal Services Smacked Down for Illegal Debt Collection Activities
    The action against National Payment Processing LLC; National Client Services LLC, also doing business as AFS Legal Services, AFS Services, Account Financial Services, and Account Financial Solutions; Omar Smith; and Ernest Smith. The operation allegedly called consumers and demanded payment of payday loan or other purported debt, even when consumers disputed the debt and the defendants failed to verify that money was owed.

  • Alacarte 3D is Here - A New 3D Model Store for Poser & DAZ Studio Users
    STATESBORO, Georgia December 12, 2015 – MediaPublishers, a local Statesboro Georgia business has launched a second 3D model store aimed at providing excellent and affordable 3D models, 3D clothes and 3D environments for users of Poser ®, DAZ Studio and other compatible software.


  • Lily’s Café in Statesboro Georgia
    Downtown Statesboro has a new restaurant that is defiantly worth checking out! They are open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and dinner Thursday and Friday nights.

  • Golf - Willow Lake Golf Club Metter Georgia
    Willow Lake Golf Club in Metter Georgia is in my honest opinion one of the most well maintained courses in southern Georgia. The course is challenging for all skill levels and is set in the scenic countryside just north of downtown Metter. The lush fairways and ‘to-die-for’ greens are beautiful year round.

  • The Best Darn Automatic Car Wash in Statesboro Georgia
    I’ve tried every automatic was in Statesboro, and have never been happy with the results. Touchless car washes just don’t clean cars well, all of them in Statesboro seem to be touchless, with the exception of the Magic Car Wash on Fair Road.

  • Statesboro Inn for Lunch – The Best Kept Secret in Statesboro
    I don’t think many residents of Statesboro are aware that the Statesboro Inn serves a wonderful lunch menu. I feel a bit guilty for not writing about the Inn’s lunch sooner. Imagine if you will a quaint atmosphere and quiet, peaceful dining...


  • 10 Beautiful Examples of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Design
    While some of these CSS designs aren’t all that practical for a website or blog, they are absolutely stunning. Most are a mix of simplicity, refinement and are wonderful examples of web design and cascading style sheets. The examples below will help boost your creativity and inspiration.

  • 10 Inspiring Free Professional Website Templates
    There is just something about great designs that often has me holding my breath. I am like a child on Christmas morning opening presents when I see great work. Below are twenty free website templates that are just begging to be used. I often borrow CSS layout and then build my own graphics to fit my or a clients need. Whether you use them as is, modify them or just for inspiration, I think you’ll agree that these are excellent and professional designs. Best of all they are free to use!

  • The Wizards of Washington They Made the Bed….Now What?
    So here's the deal: The WoW (Wizards of Washington) have committed themselves to spending $12 TRILLION in the next 10 years or so, and tax revenues are down 34% (see the report here ). Is it possible that this is a prime example of government fuzzy math?

  • Why Haven’t Newspapers Thought of This?
    I think until major news publications understand that user generated content draws visitors, which increases advertising revenues they will continue to moan and wring their hands. Print news publishers at one time could control every aspect of the news. With the advent of the worldwide web they lost their grip and cannot control the news.

  • Paid Subscriptions for Online News – Hardly
    I believe many print newspapers thinking of charging for news online don’t understand that 99% of news is not “scarce goods”. The same news one publisher might charge for can be found in hundreds (if not more) other online news outlets.


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