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$FTR - Is Frontier Communications in Statesboro GA Poaching Out of Network Customers?
Allen Harkleroad
$FTR - Is Frontier Communications in Statesboro GA Poaching Out of Network Customers?  11/18/2015

Recipe Meme is Here - Hand-picked and Tested Recipes
Press Release
Recipe Meme is has launched and is a food website with hand-picked and tested food recipes, cooking tips, resources and community.  10/4/2015

12 Diabolically Funny Pranks That Might Just Get You Hurt
Allen Harkleroad
12 of the funniest pranks that you might not have thought of... yet.  8/18/2015

Consumers Beware of Lending Tree MoneLoans, It Is An Affiliate Referral Scheme Not a Lending Company
Allen Harkleroad
On a whim today I applied for a personal loan through Lending Tree. You have probably seen their television commercials with the little green Muppet character in his underwear talking to a guy about how easy it is to get a long through them. Both of them end up on the couch in their underwear applying for loans.  4/3/2015

Low Country Businesses – Become a Corporate Sponsor of Willow Lake Golf Club in Metter Georgia
Press Release
Willow Lake Golf Club is proud to announce the launch of the Corporate Membership Golf Pass Program. This unique opportunity is available to businesses and organizations throughout the Coastal Empire. A Corporate Membership will consist of 25 or 50 coupons, valid for 18 holes of golf at Willow Lake Golf Club.  2/10/2015

Debt Collector Sends a FDCPA Violation Ridden Legal Threat Letter
Press Release
Just how Just how stupid can a debt collection company get? This is how much.stupid can a debt collection company like Altus GTS get? This is how much.  1/29/2015

UPDATE: Debt Collector Altus GTS Inc Being Sued in Georgia Courts for Debt Collection Abuse
Allen harkleroad
This is a notice to cease and desist ALL contact with Sherrie Harkleroad regarding your reference #10004707. Immediately.  1/23/2015 SSL Services and Domain Registration Services SUCK
Allen Harkleroad
am a long time customer and have spent thousands of dollars every year on domains names and secure SSL Certificates with Lately's services have gotten quite bad. - See more at:  11/25/2014

Olive Garden Restaurant Problem? The Food is Oh So Blah
Press Release
The last several times we have at Olive Garden, we came away with disappointment at the taste of the food. A can of Spaghetti-O’s has more imagination and taste than Olive Garden fare.  9/11/2014

AREA 51 - Proof Of Aliens In New Mexico
Press Release
Little green aliens everywhere....  8/30/2014

Spammer Settles FTC Charges: Tricked Consumers With False Information About the Affordable Care Act
Press Release
An email spammer and his company will pay $350,000 to resolve Federal Trade Commission charges that they sent deceptive emails in advance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) roll-out, falsely claiming that consumers would be violating the law if they did not immediately click a link to enroll in health insurance.  8/12/2014

Liberty Mutual Insurance Gouge You? Here’s The Board of Director Email Addresses
Press Release
Got screwed by Liberty Mutual Insurance? At the time of this writing the following Liberty Mutual board of directors answer email sent to their email addresses:  8/3/2014

HEY Liberty Mutal Insurance. Your Check Is $4031.15 Less Than it Should Be
Press Release
I received an overnighted letter with a check for 968.85. As I told Mr. Spisak and all of you I expect to be paid $5,000.00 for the damages and troubles I have endured because of this matter (claim # 23054805. You have until Monday August 4, 2014 at 5pm to acknowledge that payment of will be made for $5,000.00 or a check at my doorstep.  8/1/2014

Georgia Debt Collector Frederick J Hanna Sued By The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Allen Harkleroad
It appears that the law firm of Frederick J. Hanna and associates may be nearing their day of reckoning. The Federal Financial Protection Bureau (a.k.a the Feds) announced this week that they have filed suit against attorney Frederick j. Hanna, Joseph C. Cooling and Robert Winter of the law firm.  7/31/2014

900.00 Settlement For a Liberty Mutual Insurance Customer That Damaged My Home? WRONG
Allen Harkleroad
Paul Davis of "Consider it Done Lawn Maintenance", your insure, has no experience to cut trees and has no business doings so. The fact that he took it upon himself to attempt repairs without my consent or permission really angers me more.  7/30/2014

UPDATE 1 - Why Is Liberty Mutual Insurance Dragging Their Feet?
Allen Harkleroad
Liberty Mutual would rather the insurance claimee do all the dirty work to save them a dollar or two. Well the have something coming in that regards.  7/29/2014

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